WooCommerce Development – Cableserv

WooCommerce Development | Picture of iMac displaying the product page for Cableserv - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

WooCommerce Development was one of the key requirements for the client, a company specializing in legacy equipment upgrades for cable network operators. Therefore, they needed to present their product offering in a way that was easy for visitors to search by different criteria, such as manufacturer, type of upgrade, etc.

Webflow Website – SkateGuard

Webflow Website | Picture of MacBook Pro displaying the landing page for SkateGuard - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

A Webflow website was the perfect solution for a landing page promoting the launch of a book by the same name SkateGuard. In other words, the client needed a simple landing page they could easily edit by themselves. In addition, they didn’t want to worry about maintenance or security.

Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy | Picture of of a Macbook Pro displaying the home page for the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

The client, Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding for research projects in support of the profession of pharmacy ), desperately needed a website update.

EIFS Council of Canada – Bespoke Website

Bespoke Website | Picture of laptop sitting on white background, displaying the homepage for the EIFS Council of Canada - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

We designed a bespoke website for The EIFS Council of Canada (the “official voice of the EIFS industry in Canada). The organization already had a website in place. However, its front-end had not been updated for a few years.

Miedema’s Board Consulting – WordPress Website

Miedema’s Board Consulting | Image of laptop atop a desk, displaying the homepage for Miedemas - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

The client, Miedema’s Board Consulting (a consulting company specializing in board policy manuals for non-profit organizations), needed to have a responsive WordPress website that would showcase her consulting business in a very professional, yet modern way.

Bradford Heap Restaurants Campaign Monitor Email Template

Bradford Heap | Image of male hand holding up a mobile phone, displaying the email from Bradford Heap - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Campaign Monitor email template, coded for Bradford Heap Restaurants (Colterra, Salt and Wild Standard) in Colorado. We were contacted by the group to code their newsletter in Campaign Monitor. Given the way the content was laid out for their design, I had to create multiple layouts within repeaters for each column that contained stories.

Motrec Responsive Email for Mailchimp

Responsive email for Mailchimp | Image of male hand holding up a mobile phone, displaying the Motrec email on the screen - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

We coded a responsive email for Mailchimp (Mailchimp template), which was requested by the client, Motrec (a company that specializes in building highly customizable industrial electric vehicles). However, the code had to match the design of the PSD provided. Ina addition, Design previews were provided for all major email clients, as well as spam testing. […]

Corporate Communicator – Responsive Email Template

Corporate Communicator | Concept image showing three different iPhones displaying different sections of the Corporate Communicator email - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Corporate Communicator is a responsive email template designed from the ground up to work with Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp. The template was coded using Dreamweaver and tested for functionality within the email platforms for Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp. Hard-tested to work in all major desktop, mobile and web-based email clients, including MS Outlook. Buy Corporate […]

Questis – Responsive Email Template for Mailchimp

Responsive Email Template for Mailchimp Questis | Image of laptop and larger screen attached to it, both of them displaying the Questis email - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

A responsive email template for Mailchimp was requested by Questis. After that, they needed a complete collection, including a launch event email , one auto-responder, one invitation and a regular newsletter template.