Webflow Development

Our Webflow development service takes advantage of a revolutionary platform that combines the freedom of custom code with the simplicity of visual design. Whether you’re a small business owner, a startup entrepreneur, or a company on the rise, Webflow has something for everyone.

Webflow Development | Concept image displaying a collage of different screen shots from the Webflow Designer - Juan Rojo Design Toronto


Why Webflow?

Webflow has been around since 2013 and its adoption rate is largely credited to its ease of use. However, you still need to undertand the basics of HTML and CSS in order to make the most out of the platform. 

Even though we specialize in WordPress development, we have started using Webflow for smaller projects, where the client would rather not deal with any kind of maintenance, hosting or any other technical aspects related to owning a website. 

It’s important to note that Webflow is a closed platform in which hosting is also part of the service. Therefore, if the company ever got sold or the business model is eventually abandoned, you’ll need to migrate your site somewhere else.

Webflow Development | Webflow Designer user interface - Juan Rojo Design Toronto


Say goodbye to expensive developers. With Webflow, you get high-quality web design without breaking the bank.

Fast Deployment

Time is money. Webflow allows for swift prototyping and deployment, so you can get your site up in no time.

Easily Maintainable

Small businesses don’t always have tech teams on standby. Webflow’s user-friendly platform means easy updates and tweaks.

Integrated E-commerce

Looking to sell online? Webflow comes ready with e-commerce integration for seamless online sales.

SEO Optimized

With built-in SEO tools, your site is ready to rank, drawing in organic traffic and potential customers.


Why Partner with Us?

Even though Webflow has made it easier for non-developers to get into web design, you’ll still need to be selective with the type of agency or freelancer you end up working with. 

We have been designing and developing websites for the last 10 years, while also making sure best practices are being followed. In other words, there’s a whole lot more to a website than just making it visually appealing.

If you want your Webflow website to perform well, get easily found by search engines and become an extension of your marketing & sales team, then you really need to talk to us instead.

The team at SkateGuard trusted us to build their online presence for the launch of their book last Summer. We continue to provide support for their marketing efforts via email marketing and organic SEO.