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A Webflow website was the perfect solution for a landing page promoting the launch of a book by the same name SkateGuard. In other words, the client needed a simple landing page they could easily edit by themselves. In addition, they didn’t want to worry about maintenance or security.




June 2023


Designer, Developer

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The initial scope of the project was to create a landing page to promote the book. However, the authors also wanted to expand after the launch and turn the site into a knowledge hub for young hockey players. In addition, they will also start offering workshops for coaches, parents and players.

The Solution

Webflow is a proprietary web builder, which also includes hosting as part of their offering. Unlike WordPress, you don’t have to worry about plugins, themes or core updates, as everything is taken care of by the platform.

The Webflow website also serves as a lead collection tool. Therefore, all emails collected from the landing page will be used to promote articles or special events that might be hosted in the future. Above all, emails collected will be used to send informational emails regarding financial planning for aspiring or professional hockey players.


“Thanks to Juan Rojo Design’s work, we acquired 16 new leads and 180 new users and saw an increase in organic traffic from social media and search engines. Juan Rojo Design was very responsive and trustworthy. ”

Webflow development | Mike Jaczko, Co-author and founder of SkateGuard - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Mike Jaczko


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