Origins Wild Rice Co.

Origins Wild Rice Co. is all about lake-harvested wild rice. Based out of Saskatchewan, they take great care to ensure that their wild rice is organic and sustainably harvested. Their old website was just a landing page, under a different domain name and they were in need of a redesign and a more robust site.


Origins Wild Rice Co.


January 2024


Designer, Developer

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Origins Wild Rice Co.’ website was a single landing page under a different domain name, as the company had been acquired a few years prior. In other words, this was more than a redesign as in terms of web presence, they were starting from scratch. In addition to the website build, they also needed SEO guidance, so their brand new site could start ranking as quickly as possible.

The Solution

The website was built from scratch using WordPress and Elementor Pro. Every page was optimized for accessibility and search engines, as the website desperately needed to get indexed and found as quickly as possible. Luckily, the wild rice space is rather niche so we went about targeting keywords in all the pages throughout the site. In addition, we also created a couple of blog posts to target additional keywords. Only 3 months later after launch, they are already ranking for keywords such as Canadian wild rice, wild rice Canada, wild rice vs white rice and wild rice paella.


“Our feedback was listened to and implemented in rapid fashion. The website is fast and allows for further content expansion, as the previous version was a single page, which didn’t offer much flexibility. The website is now maintained regularly, and we get advice from Juan on how to optimize our blog posts to get maximum visibility.”

Emalie Watt, Head of Marketing & Social Media at Origins Wild Rice Co. - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Emalie Watt

Head of Marketing & Social Media

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