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WooCommerce Development was one of the key requirements for the client, a company specializing in legacy equipment upgrades for cable network operators. Therefore, they needed to present their product offering in a way that was easy for visitors to search by different criteria, such as manufacturer, type of upgrade, etc.




January 2023


Designer, Developer

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The client needed a website redesign using WordPress. They wanted to showcase their products in a way that was easy for clients to filter, given that they provide upgrade solutions for multiple manufacturers and equipment.

The Solution

WooCommerce development was at the core of this project, as the product pages needed to be completely customized in order to act as online spec sheets. For instance, the “add to cart” button was replaced by a CTA to download the PDF version of the spec sheet for more details.

Every single product was categorized under a specific type of upgrade. In addition, attributes were added so that visitors could filter solutions based on their specif needs.

The layout for the product pages was built from scratch for maximum flexibility, as the default product layout from WooCommerce was not a good fit for what the client needed.


“The team was responsive, timely, and communicative; they made the development process easy and exceeded expectations. Overall, they stood out for their customer-centric approach.”

WooCommerce development | Chip Winchell, CEO of Cableserv - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Chip Winchell


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