Working With a Mailchimp & Co Partner

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Working With a Mailchimp & Co Partner | Picture of person holding a cup of tea while looking at a computer screen - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Working With a Mailchimp & Co Partner Goes Beyond Technical Support

Working with a Mailchimp & Co partner includes a myriad of perks, which help you stay on top of your email marketing strategy, without having to worry about all the technical aspects of managing your Mailchimp account.

What is a Mailchimp & Co Partner and Why Do I need One?

Benefits of working with a Mailchimp & Co partner are that the freelancers/agencies joining this particular program, have access to the latest features as well as the ones still in development. In other words, your dedicated Mailchimp partner is able to test future upgrades to your account, before they go live.

Put Your Mailchimp Virtual Assistant To Work For You

As you might have already seen in other blog posts from this site, I’m a staunch advocate for ActiveCampaign as the ultimate marketing automation platform. However, a good portion on my clients still use Mailchimp, so I needed to expand my service offering for that platform as well.

In most instances and from my own experience working with small business clients, email marketing platforms in general, are sub utilized. In other words, small businesses tend to settle into the old way of using email marketing platforms, which was to send a generic email blast with no personalized customer experiences.

With a Mailchimp Virtual Assistant at your disposal, you get the benefit of an experienced email marketer, who has worked with multiple clients across many different industries. We look after items that you haven’t even thought about, such as:

  • Cleaning up your list(s) from contacts with low or zero engagement
  • Archive contacts that have unsubscribed from your list(s)
  • Prepare Customer Journeys (automations) tailored for your business
  • Engage customers on a more personal level, using Mailchimp’s merge tags and custom segments
  • Use Mailchimp’s Landing Pages for special promotions

How Do I Get a Mailchimp & Co Partner to Work For Me?

Want to take your email marketing game to the next level? All you need to do is ask (send me an email). After that, I’ll send you a request to add me to your account as a Manager, which you’ll need to accept following the instructions laid out by Mailchimp, as shown in THIS ARTICLE. By adding me as a Mailchimp & Co freelancer, you won’t be using any of your additional “user” seats. In other words, you can still invite other people to collaborate on your account (i.e. content writers, marketing managers, etc.).