Relume Library for WordPress?

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Relume Library for WordPress | Image of a man wearing glasses celebrating with his arms in the air - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

A Relume library for WordPress, similar to the offering for Webflow, didn’t exist before, until now. However, a new website (still in beta) called Skelementor has recently entered the market and it looks promising. Unfortunately, its functionality (at the moment) is limited to Elementor users and you need to have fully embraced the Flexbox container in your development workflow.

Component Library for WordPress

Relume library for WordPress | Screen shot of Skelementor's website - Juan Rojo Design Toronto
Screen shot of Skelementor’s home page

Let’s be honest, when it comes to web development, we all strive for maximum efficiency. In other words, how can we speed up the process while maintaining great quality. Enter a component library, which is a collection of different design components to use in your project. Instead of spending countless hours looking for inspiration and different layouts, you can start with a “blank” component and style it according to your client’s brand guidelines.

Does It Include a Design System for WordPress?

Screen shot of homepgae for DesignKit for Figma - Juan Rojo Design Toronto
Screen shot of DesignKit’s home page

Unlike Relume Library, Skelementor only offers components at this time. In other words, if you need a design system, you’ll need to source from either Relume itself or other design systems for Figma, like DesignKit. However, the website (Skelementor) is fairly new so I don’t discount the possibility of those features being added over time and have a similar workflow as that of the Relume Library with Webflow.

Is this Service Free?

It is! For now. As mentioned previously, the site is still in beta so it’s free to use by any Elementor user. However, I anticipate things to change once word gets around and users realize the value of having such a service added to their toolkit.

Would You Recommend This Service?

Absolutely! A dedicated component library for WordPress has a tremendous amount of value for WordPress developers. For instance, the simple fact that you can use a pre-existing design as a starting point instead of creating multiple iterations from scratch, is a game changer for your workflow.


Is this service as good as the Relume Library for WordPress? No, it’s not, but I’d still recommend it. It provides a path forward for an “eco-system” that could be developed around Elementor, to seriously speed up development times for those of us who work with Elementor Pro.


There’s now a service called ZipWP, which comes very close to the Relume experience, with the exception of wireframes not being exportable to Figma. However, every other Relume functionality you’re familiar with (using AI to generate sitemap and layouts) is now available for WordPress! You can see it in action in the video below: