Motrec Responsive Email for Mailchimp

We coded a responsive email for Mailchimp (Mailchimp template), which was requested by the client, Motrec (a company that specializes in building highly customizable industrial electric vehicles). However, the code had to match the design of the PSD provided. Ina addition, Design previews were provided for all major email clients, as well as spam testing. © All Rights Reserved. Motrec International Inc.




March 2016



Responsive email for Mailchimp | Image of male hand holding up a mobile phone, displaying the Motrec email on the screen - Juan Rojo Design Toronto


Client needed a custom and responsive email for Mailchimp. We had to adhere to strict brand guidelines, following the design provided by the client in a PSD file.

The Solution

Coding a Mailchimp template from scratch is far more complicated than building it with Mailchimp’s email editor.

We had to build each section of the template by following the design guidelines from the PSD file. Therefore, an HTML file had to be hand-coded, along with the necessary CSS styling.

In addition, the Mailchimp template had to be easy to edit by the marketing manager at the company. With that in mind, we coded all sections of the template using Mailchimp’s proprietary tags. After that, the end user was able to edit each individual section, as well as remove unnecessary sections depending on the audience

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