How To Make Your WordPress Website Blazing Fast

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Why do I need my WordPress Website to be Fast?

Make your WordPress site blazing fast and you’ll be covering one of the many aspects (and there are many) involved in improving your SEO ranking. In order to get your page to load faster and get better speed scores from GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights, we need to cover a few key items.

Website Speed Matters

Have you ever visited a site and got frustrated by the time it took to load the page you were looking for? Well, now you know how your potential clients might feel when they have to wait for your page(s) to load up.

Attention spans are getting increasingly shorter in this new digital age, therefore you have to make sure you can get your product/service in front of your audience as quickly as possible and without delays.

In addition, if you make your WordPress website blazing fast, not only do you get your client’s attention right away but you’ll rank favorably in Google’s eyes. Speed is one of the factors taken into account for Google’s algorithm.

Make Your WordPress Site Blazing Fast By Doing The Following


Find an excellent hosting company, good enough won’t do if fast load speeds and performance is what you are after. In a previous post, I discussed the multiple benefits of using a managed WordPress solution, which you can read by clicking here.


Use a theme/framework that has solid support behind it and has been tested to perform well when combined with caching plugins. In case you are wondering, I’m using the Avada theme from Theme Fusion, which already has a lot of built-in features to optimize performance.


Find the right caching plugin to optimize your site’s speed and performance. Rather than going the free route, I would strongly recommend using a robust solution, one that will integrate well not only with your theme but also with your managed WordPress hosting environment. I highly recommend WP Rocket and I’ll explain why in a future post.


Not using a content delivery network yet? Most noteworthy, a CDN, or content delivery network, takes all your static files you’ve got on your site (CSS, Javascript, images etc) and lets visitors download them incredibly fast by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.


Optimize your images! There are several reasons for optimizing your site’s images. Above all, it helps to improve your loading speed, which in turn will help your SEO ranking. For this website, I use Imagify, which is a plugin from the same people at WP Rocket.

There are other aspects that can be looked at to improve your website’s speed, but we’ll keep it to a manageable five this time. If you need help making sense out of all these suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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