How to Use Saved Modules in ActiveCampaign

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Saved Modules in ActiveCampaign | Photo of laptop on table showing half the screen - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Saved modules in ActiveCampaign are sections of content that can be reused, regardless of the campaign you are working on. For instance, a marketing department may have several different email marketing templates to be used for different occasions. However, I’ve come across several situations where that marketing team wants to use a specific section of a template for a completely different campaign. As far as I know, very FEW email marketing platforms offer that type of functionality.

Klaviyo is one platform that I’m aware of where you can save what they call “universal content”. In other words, a repository of different sections of content, which can be used in any campaign, very much like a media library. However, if you are using Mailchimp or something else like Campaign Monitor, you’d have to rebuild that section from scratch, if it’s not already present on the campaign you are currently working on.

Here are the steps to follow in order to use “Saved Modules” in ActiveCampaign.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Identify the section or structure that you want to reuse

Hover over the section with your mouse until you see the word “structure” displayed as shown in the image below.
Saved Modules in ActiveCampaign | Screenshot of ActiveCampaign's email editor showing the structure label being displayed - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Once the “Structure” label is visible for the section, click on the handle with the three (3) dots to the side of the structure

After you click on the three (3) dots, you will see a menu display. Make sure to click on the first icon in the row, as that’s the one that will allow you to save the module. Take a look at the image below to get a better understanding of where you need to click.
Saved Modules in ActiveCampaign | Screenshot of ActiveCampaign's email editor showing how to save a module - Juan Rojo Design Toronto

Once the module is saved, it will reside in the Saved Modules tab

After the piece of content is sent to the saved modules in ActiveCampaign, all you need to do is drag that section of content out of the saved modules tab and into the main body of the email campaign. It is that simple!

For the average user, this feature might not mean much. However, a marketing department might beg to differ, as reusable content might considerably speed up the process of putting together email campaigns without the need for a developer. In other words, the technical aspect of creating content can be covered with a collection of templates and reusable sections that ANYONE can use to put together full email campaigns regardless of the case scenario.