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How To Use Dynamic Content in ActiveCampaign

How To Use Dynamic Content in ActiveCampaign


If you are currently using ActiveCampaign to send multiple versions of the same campaign to different audiences, you definitely need to give dynamic content a try. These are some of the case scenarios where you would definitely benefit from using this feature:

  • Sending bilingual/multilingual campaigns to the same distribution list
  • Campaigns with different signatures for sales reps
  • Campaigns with different content/offers for different store locations

Needless to say, in order to make use of dynamic content, you need to have robust data that will allow you to segment your audience properly. This course not only shows you how to use the feature, but also how to prepare the list properly and the different methods to capture that information on your website or at your store/business.


How to use dynamic content in ActiveCampaign is quite simple, but you need to know when it can be used and how to implement it in your campaigns. If you are sending multiple versions of the same email to different segments of your list, you can definitely benefit from using this particular feature to drastically reduce your production time.

The applications for using dynamic content range from creating bilingual/multilingual campaign using the same template, to different email versions for different sales reps. However, it all depends on how much data you have accumulated on your subscribers. If all you have is name and emails, you won’t be able to do much with that in terms of dynamic content.

Some of the major email marketing platforms have this feature available “out of the box”. However, in the case of Mailchimp, unless you have to subscribe to their Standard package in order to use it with a functionality similar to the one described in this course. If you have any inferior plan, you’ll need to read an article I wrote on their implementation.

How to use dynamic content in ActiveCampaign successfully is completely dependent on the quality of the data you have in your distribution list. That’s one of the main sections covered in this course, which will hopefully have you collection more quality information (fields) on your customers moving forward.


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