How to Add Personalized Videos to Your Email Marketing Strategy?

If you want to take your email marketing strategy to the next level, personalized videos are that next step for your customer experience. The concept itself is not new, but being able to automate the process, so you can be notified every time someone purchases a big ticket item or congratulate your clients on their birthday is.

Personalized Video Automation With Bonjoro

For a lot of business owners (myself included), a lot of our customer interactions are being conducted online. Emails, Zoom and e-commerce have become a staple of modern businesses, especially during these pandemic times. We are facing increased pressure to differentiate ourselves in the digital landscape and in my opinion, personalized video messages might just be that extra tool to make you stand out.

Bonjoro offers a great tool that helps answer the question: How to add personalized videos to your emails? It’s very simple! To get the most out of Bonjoro, you want to integrate it with your email marketing platform, preferably one that does true marketing automation, such as ActiveCampaign.

How To Integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign

In this video, the awesome people at Bonjoro show how their platform integrates with ActiveCampaign, to take advantage of AC’s amazing automation features and use the video platform to its full potential.

Why Should You Use ActiveCampaign Instead of a Regular Email Marketing Platform?

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing (and CRM) platform with true automation capabilities. What I mean by “true automation” is that it goes beyond built-in automations for simple tasks such as birthday reminders, welcoming new subscribers, etc. With a platform like ActiveCampaign, you can create your own automations from scratch, so you can automate any process that involves interactions with your customers.

In the video below, the Bonjoro team shows how you can integrate their tool with Mailchimp. Unfortunately, as you will see on this video, the triggers for personalized videos are rather limited, which is not the case with ActiveCampaign.

How Can I Use Bonjoro For My Business?

  • Send personalized video messages to your clients for their birthday (you’ll need to collect that information via your sign up form or add it to ActiveCampaign’s CRM after talking to your client/prospect).
  • Send a message to personally thank your VIP/repeat customers.
  • Send a video message to new students signing up for your course.
  • Send a message to new customers to let them know you are available to answer any questions regarding your product and/or service.

Need Help Learning How To Add Personalized Videos To Your Email?

Setting up Bonjoro is straightforward for someone who works in the digital space on a daily basis. However, things like authenticating your domain name with their platform and other settings might prove a bit complicated for someone who would rather not deal with that stuff. If your core business has nothing to do with web design, then please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking HERE.

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