Where have I been Lately?

The days of pinch and zoom are now a fading memory

It’s been a busy 2015 so far! It seems everyone is waking up to the fact that a mobile email marketing strategy is absolutely necessary to deliver your message.

The days of pinch and zoom are now a fading memory and almost every major company, retailer, service provider, etc. is delivering content that is easily readable on a mobile device.

Creating email content that displays consistently across a multitude of devices and email clients is nothing short of amazing. There’s a lot of work done behind the scenes, so that the email that is opened on a desktop client such as MS Outlook 2010 is also optimized for a mobile email client, such as the one found in Apple’s iPhone.

While many of the major email marketing platforms have their own email editors, they also have their limitations. Creating custom emails that reflect your brand identity can prove a challenge (if not impossible), especially if you are not willing to compromise on the way your brand looks in the final design. That’s why the early months of 2015 have been quite busy, designing, coding and updating templates for clients that need a specific look for their email communications.

Litmus recently published an article on how to get your email looking its best for both Android and iPhone devices. The content goes beyond the simple differences between the devices’ operating systems and addresses many other issues, such as the importance of knowing your audience (your distribution list) and designing and coding accordingly.

April 20, 2015
Juan Rojo

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