Toronto Logo Design: Your Company, Your Logo

Do you know what your company stands for? How would you like your customers to perceive your products or services? Now, try to convey that into a graphical representation. Is not that easy, is it?

Apple Logo

Most customers from Toronto I’ve talked to in the past, had very strong feelings about the way their logo should represent the business they were in. If you never heard of Apple computers before, would you know they are a computer manufacturer by just looking at their logo? The truth is that your company, its products and or services define what your logo stands for, not the other way around. However, a logo should be your company’s ambassador across the marketing spectrum, moving seamlessly from your web page to you business card or a golf shirt.

With such a crucial piece of your entire marketing strategy at stake, why would you attempt to do this yourself? If you are a graphic designer, you might be the lone exception but even we could use the objective opinion of an external source. Maybe you saw a design pattern a long time ago, which had been kept in the back of your mind for a long time and now seems fitting to incorporate into your new business, somehow. Maybe you had been doodling your company’s logo long before you even had a business model in place. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless the logo you came up with doesn’t really reflect the business that you actually ended up creating.

Does the logo below represent your service? Yes, but it sure isn’t visually appealing.

Bad Logos

Don’t look at the logo below for too long, you might end up with a headache

Bad Logos

Please avoid the temptation to do this yourself and let a professional help you. You need an external source that can be objective and look at your business without the emotional attachment you might probably have. A graphic designer will sit down with you for a design brief, which will give him/her an idea of your overall business and then will proceed to research your industry, your competitors, the history of the sector you are in and how your company fits into the current marketplace.

As you can see, a lot goes into logo design before the design part even begins.

March 13, 2012
Juan Rojo

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