Toronto Graphic Design: Proper Use of Social Media Icons on Print Media

I have seen it already on postcards, and even full page ads for trade publications. You have decided to take the plunge and enter the wonderful world of social media to expand the reach of your marketing strategy. Why not include the equally nice-looking icons of the various social networks you are part of, in all your printed materials.

Those icons look nice, don’t they? If you are reading this post on a computer, iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone, all you have to do is click on the respective icon to take you to either my Facebook business page, my Twitter account or my Google + page. Unfortunately, if you have plastered the same set of icons on a piece of paper, nothing is going to happen when you press the paper. Now, I know it’s not too difficult to find a company on Facebook or any other social network (assuming they submitted the actual company name to open the account). However, in this era of short attention spans, the moment your reader is required to do his/her own search for your social media presence, you might be risking losing the attention you were looking for in the first place. Next time, try including the URL to your social network address along with the icon or do away with the icon altogether if you are pressed for space.

March 10, 2012
Juan Rojo

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