Ridley Scott is Back! Another Prometheus Review

PROM-003 - A monolithic figure towers over the explorers of a distant planet.
I finally had the chance to see Prometheus this past weekend (June 23, 2012) with my wife. Even though the script was kind of weak, in my opinion, the overall experience was one of awe over the grand scale of such production. Michael Fassbender delivers a great performance as the android David, who thankfully doesn’t have to deal with human emotions as he’s constantly reminded by the human crew of his soulless and emotionless nature (talk about being bullied on the job).

Ridley Scott Prometheus David

The movie is indeed a prequel to the Alien saga, but not in the way of presenting itself as a previous chapter in the story, but rather providing some background into the existence of the alien creature. The film also attempts to be thought provoking, by exploring the possibility of humans being engineered by an alien species.

Ridley Scott Prometheus Engineer

If you get caught up in the scientific validity of the movie, such as the fact that the human crew traveled to a distant galaxy on a ship that still seems to be propelled by turbines, you certainly won’t enjoy the ride. However, if you just want to be thoroughly entertained, this movie might just be the right fit for you.

Ridley Scott Prometheus Ship

As with any other movie of this genre, you know the entire cast is doomed from the time they step into unknown territory and this movie is no exception. Some of them truly deserve to be erased early on, as their stupid behavior puts into question hiring practices at Weyland Corp. Unfortunately, stupidity goes all the way to the top of that fictitious company, as their aging leader decides that it’s a good idea to spend a trillion (yes, you read right) dollars to finance an expedition that might provide some insight into our origins. It kind of reminded me of a recent scheme proposed by some billionaires to mine asteroids. Say what??!! How about investing some money into developing true clean energy? I’m sure that would be a whole lot less complicated than mining asteroids.

Ridley Scott Prometheus Crew

As the movie progresses, we find out that the CEO of Wayland Corp was actually traveling along with the crew and his motives for funding the expedition were purely selfish. He just wanted to get a face to face meeting with one of our “makers” and find out how to do away with his own expiration date. One can’t help to wonder if Weyland was also hoping to capitalize on that improbable finding by selling immortality to humans.

By the end, the whole premise of the movie feels like a reverse Blade Runner, where the humans instead of the replicants are looking for their creator in order to get a new lease on life.

Ridley Scott Blade Runner

Leave it to Lisbeth Salander, I mean Noomi Rapace, to kick alien butt and save our planet from certain annihilation by our “engineers”. We never get an explanation as to why our creators decided to wipe us out via biological weapons. I’m guessing they paid us a visit later on to see how we were doing, tuned into our audio and video signals and watched in horror as episodes of both Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore unfolded before their bleeding alien eyes. I don’t condone the “engineers” behaviour, but I can definitely understand it.

Ridley Scott Noomi Rapace

UPDATE: Fox has confirmed there will be a sequel, read more about it HERE.

June 25, 2012
Juan Rojo

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