Brand Identity Reboot

“Is as little design as possible – back to purity, back to simplicity.”

Dieter Rams – 10th principle of good product design

Guided by that principle (which could really be applied to any type of design), I realized that my brand identity needed a logo that reflected that concept.

The tagline “the large enterprise look for your small business” no longer applied, as last year I also worked with global companies. Needless to say, I stripped the logo down to the bare essentials: my first name initial and the color red, which is what my last name means in Spanish. The new website needed to reflect the change as well and that’s why you are now seeing red pretty much all over the site.

The concept for the new logo started during a subway ride into downtown Toronto. I had been thinking about revamping my brand identity for awhile (along with the website), but I hadn’t come up with something that I really liked and could identify with, yet. It was during that subway ride that the idea came to me and I immediately pulled out my notebook and a pen, sketched the rough draft and as soon as I got home that evening I brought the sketch into the digital world with Illustrator.

Here’s a picture of the original notebook draft.
Brand Identity Reboot | Juan Rojo Design

February 12, 2014
Juan Rojo

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